Deciding on the right warehouse storage solution is imperative, and wire mesh decking stands out as the optimal choice. Its impact on safety, organisation, and overall warehouse efficiency is unparalleled. In this article, we delve into why mesh decks are favoured over their wooden counterparts for warehouse operations.

Choose Wire Mesh Decking for Durability and Longevity

High-quality steel wire is used to make strong wire mesh decking, which undergoes careful welding to create a durable structure. In contrast, wooden decks are susceptible to warping, splintering, and cracking, these decks boast incredible longevity. Additionally, by selecting a finish like hot-dip galvanising, you can bolster the deck’s resistance against rust and corrosion. This makes them ideal for environments with moisture exposure or contact with abrasive chemicals.

Prioritising Safety

Designed to keep safety paramount, wire mesh decks offer enhanced visibility and improved airflow. This not only helps in averting potential mishaps but also augments ventilation within your storage facility. Insurance providers typically favour wire mesh shelves over wood due to their superior permeability. The design allows for faster smoke detection during fires and makes it easier to get water to the fire, reducing damage.

We test our wire rack shelving designs in Nottinghamshire to ensure they meet our high standards.

Efficiency in Installation and Upkeep

The installation of wire mesh decks is a breeze, eliminating the need for specialised tools or expertise. Mesh decks are easy to maintain and clean, unlike wooden decks that can absorb moisture and become breeding grounds for bacteria. This ensures long-term cost savings.

Economical Choice

Although in the past, wire mesh decking may have been perceived as more expensive than wooden options, the post-Covid-19 era has seen a narrowing of this cost difference. As a result, businesses are gravitating towards mesh decks, recognising their cost-effectiveness over time. Their longevity, reduced maintenance demands, and role in averting potential accidents make them a sound investment. Moreover, being recyclable, they present a sustainable alternative for your storage needs.


The versatility of wire mesh decking cannot be overstated. Whether it’s specific dimensions, shapes, or load-bearing capacities, QTS ensures customisations tailored to your unique requirements. For instance, our easySHELF™ mesh decks can be enhanced with a variety of custom features.

Discover the Difference

If your warehouse mostly uses wooden decks, we hope you understand the many benefits of switching to wire mesh decking. For a comparative quote or to learn more, please reach out to us.

Posted on 9 augustus 2023 in easySHELF™ Wire Mesh Decking