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A leading provider of storage, safety & security solutions to the trade for warehouse and manufacturing spaces

A leading provider of storage, safety & security solutions to the trade for warehouse and manufacturing spaces. From warehouse storage to safety and security, QTS have you covered. Our approach is simple. We combine innovative design with high-grade materials to create a quality product for our customers.


Wire Decking

The easySHELF™ is a low weight, high-strength wire mesh deck system. This is suitable for storing palletized goods or single units in a safe way.

  • Improved Light Levels
  • Easy to Install
  • Improved Fire Safety
  • Tested & Certified

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Warehouse Rack Dividers

easyDIVIDER™ warehouse rack dividers separate stored items and create smaller shelf locations by compartmentalising the storage level.

  • Suitable for all needs
  • Fast and easy to attach with the pre-welded clips
  • Designed for strength and rigidity
  • Available in a variety of depths & heights

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Pallet racking support bars

The QTS easyBAR™ pallet support bars can be fixed between the beams within pallet racking systems to give additional support to heavy palletised loads or potentially damaged pallets.

  • Provides additional support
  • The most cost-effective solution
  • Made from top quality sourced
  • The c-cups simply sit over the beam tops

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Anti-Collapse Mesh for Racking


Anti-Collapse Mesh

Anti-collapse mesh system designed to keep your warehouse safe.

  • Creates a physical barrier
  • Modular panelled system
  • QTS stock panel sizes match most racking bay sizes
  • U-capping can be purchased alongside our panels

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Security Cage & Mesh Partition System

Wire mesh cage and mesh partition system for increased safety & security.

  • Designed for strength
  • Easily configured for your warehouse
  • Fast and easy to install without any hassle
  • Suitable for all applications, budgets and security needs

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