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Revolutionizing Warehouse Solutions with QTS

Welcome to QTS, your trusted partner for warehouse solutions. We specialise in enhancing the productivity, flexibility, and safety of your warehouse storage space. With our comprehensive range of cutting-edge products, we’re committed to delivering the finest in warehouse storage, secure warehousing and warehouse safety.

Our Journey

Back in 2003, QTS embarked on a mission, beginning with manufacturing roll cages for top UK supermarket chains. Responding to a unique challenge, we branched out to design and craft a wire mesh decking solution for one of our top customers. From this request, the easySHELF™ Wire mesh decking range was born. That decision paved the way for us to innovate and expand, leading us to become frontrunners in warehouse storage, secure warehousing and warehouse safety.

Over the years, our portfolio has seen robust growth, complemented by new introductions like the easyDIVIDER™ warehouse racking shelf dividersrackGUARDIAN™ Anti-collapse mesh, and storGUARD™ mesh partitions and cages. Our dedication is unwavering, with our design team relentlessly working to introduce state-of-the-art solutions tailored to your needs.

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The future of QTS

Our mission

To represent knowledge, integrity, and quality, and be the leading storage, safety and security solutions manufacturer to our clients and the markets they serve.

Our vision

To be the leading manufacturer and the preferred, trusted partner of material handling solutions, supporting our clients on every scale, all around the world.


One team, one vision

QTS stands tall on the pillars of its dedicated and expert team, ranging from adept design engineers to our dynamic marketing team. Together, we share a singular vision: to provide unparalleled service and products that cater perfectly to your requirements.

We’re ever-evolving, always on the lookout for fresh talent that can augment our prowess. For exciting opportunities, stay connected with us on LinkedIn.

Our core values

Our core values form the basis for everything that we do. They are ingrained within our company culture with the aim of creating an environment that provides exceptional service and products to our customers whilst creating a fulfilling and enjoyable environment for our staff.

Dedicated Teamwork

With good teamwork, anything is possible. We will do everything we can to provide you with the best products and services possible.

Unrivalled Quality

Pioneers in the field, we are uncompromising in the quality of service we offer.

Customer First

Every client is vital, irrespective of the scale of their requirements. You come first, always.

Solutions Experts

Our commitment is to offer the absolute best in products, services, and warehouse solutions, every single time.

Well-built Culture

Our team is driven by integrity, choosing the right path over the easy one.

Our News
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