Leaders IN Wire Decking

Our wire mesh deck system combines light-weight with high-strength for the safe storage of palletised goods.

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Pioneers in pallet support bars

Our system is compatible with all major pallet racking beams, catering to any facility's specific needs.

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Specialists IN Anti-Collapse Mesh

Our high-strength steel panel system is designed to exceed the requirements of bustling logistics operations.

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Experts IN Warehouse Rack Dividers

Our solutions enable the creation of smaller shelf spaces by compartmentalising storage levels, effectively separating items.

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Professionals In security cages & partitions

We provide enduring warehouse security with our modular panel system that offers strength and rigidity.

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Advantages of Wire Mesh Decking Over Wooden Alternatives

Deciding on the right warehouse storage solution is imperative, and wire mesh decking stands out as the optimal choice. Its impact on safety, organisation, and overall warehouse efficiency is unparalleled. In this article, we delve into why mesh decks are favoured over their wooden counterparts for warehouse operations.

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The Experts in Mesh

Providing wire mesh solutions across Europe

As a top-tier provider of wire mesh solutions, QTS enhances safety, storage, and operational efficiency in warehouses and manufacturing spaces. Our team of experts collaborates with clients to deliver customized solutions addressing their unique challenges. Committed to superior service and product quality, we offer a diverse range of items including wire mesh decks, dividers, anti-collapse mesh, and partition cages, all tailored to optimise your facility.

easySHELF™Wire Mesh Decking
easyDIVIDER™Warehouse Rack Dividers
easyBAR™Pallet Support Bars
rackGUARDIAN™Anti-Collapse Mesh
storGUARD™ Security Cage


Wire Mesh Decking

Our easySHELF™ is a robust, lightweight wire mesh decking solution, ideally suited for secure storage of palletized items or individual units.

  • Enhances Light Penetration.
  • Simple Assembly Process.
  • Augments Fire Safety Measures.
  • Thoroughly Tested and Certified

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Warehouse Shelving Separators

Our easyDIVIDER™ warehouse rack dividers help segregate the pallet racking bay, creating optimally sized, separate shelf spaces perfect for warehouse picking and facilitating an orderly warehouse environment.

  • Adaptable to All Requirements.
  • Quick and effortless attachment using pre-fused clips.
  • Engineered for superior strength and stability.
  • Offered in an array of depths and heights.

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Pallet racking support bars

Our easyBAR™ pallet support bars offer an effective method to reinforce your racking system, mitigating risks associated with incorrect loading or faulty pallets.

  • Offers Reinforced Support.
  • The most budget-friendly solution.
  • Constructed with premium quality materials.
  • The c-cups conveniently rest over the beam tops.

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Anti-Collapse Mesh for Racking


Anti-collapse mesh

Our rackGUARDIAN™ anti-collapse mesh assortment consists of wire mesh panels encased in frames, affixed to the back of the racking system to prevent the accidental falling of pallets or items from the racks.

  • Establishes a tangible barrier.
  • A system of modular panels.
  • QTS’s panel sizes align with most standard racking bay dimensions.
  • U-capping can be purchased alongside our panels.

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Mesh Security Enclosure & Partition System

The storGUARD™ system is a modular assembly of posts and wire mesh panels, designed to construct mesh partition walls and warehouse security cages. This allows for restriction of access as needed.

  • Built for durability.
  • Easily tailored to your warehouse layout.
  • Quick and seamless installation process.
  • Appropriate for all uses, budget constraints, and security requirements.

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We employ a proactive approach in managing both large and unique projects to ensure seamless execution.

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Anti-Collapse Mesh for Racking
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