Fabricated Warehouse Rack Dividers

Our easyDIVIDER™ vertical warehouse rack dividers provide an unmatched solution for improving organisation and efficiency within warehouse storage facilities. These dividers are engineered to attach seamlessly to racking beams and are specially designed to endure the rigorous demands of varied warehouse environments.

Constructed from premium materials, our warehouse rack dividers deliver a sturdy framework ideal for categorising and safeguarding a diverse inventory. Essential for enabling a streamlined order-picking process, these vertical pallet rack dividers are fundamental to any well-organised storage operation.

Fabricated Warehouse Rack Dividers

Features & Benefits

Improved picking efficiency

Organise stock efficiently to increase picking efficiency

Easy to install

Fast and easy to attach with minimal fixings

Highly durable

Designed for strength and rigidity making it a long-lasting solution.


Available in a variety of depths, heights and cup sizes to suit your racking.

Explore Our Range of Fabricated Warehouse Rack Dividers

Option 1Hoop Divider (D-divider)
Option 2Underslung Loop Divider
Option 3Tube Divider (Racking Spigot)

Tube Dividers (Racking Spigot)

Our Tube Dividers, also known as Pallet Racking Spigots, are designed for vertical storage of long, slender items. Their adaptable, drill-free design maintains the structural integrity of your racking system while providing versatile storage options. Ideal for industries managing items like timber, piping, or rods, these dividers optimise space use and simplify inventory control, making them an essential component of any efficient storage system.

Hoop divider (D-divider)

Our Hoop Divider features a unique D-shaped profile, optimised for vertical storage of lengthy items such as timber and piping. Its innovative, no-drill attachment ensures quick installation while preserving the integrity of your racking system. This divider enhances space efficiency and provides a secure, organised setting for storing various materials.

Underslung Loop Dividers

The Underslung Loop Divider is crafted for stability and security, supporting large, flat items like wood, metal sheets, and glass. Its distinct D-shape with a central support bar allows for direct beam attachment, ensuring superior safety and organisational ease. This divider is crucial for warehouses aiming to maximise space and enhance inventory management for bulky goods.

bespoke solution

Bespoke Vertical Pallet Rack Dividers Tailored to Your Needs

Our in-house design team is dedicated to creating both standard and fully bespoke solutions that meet your specific requirements. Whether you have a unique challenge or need a customised design, our designers will collaborate with you to develop cost-effective, purpose-built solutions.

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