Warehouse design is more crucial than ever. With a shortage of warehouse space, companies are doing everything they can to find ways to maximise efficiency whilst minimising cost – this is where QTS can help. Using our wealth of experience in the industry and excellent technical knowledge of manufacturing and design, QTS can produce one-of-a-kind, wire mesh solutions that maximise the capacity, efficiency, safety and security of your warehouse

The trade partner of choice for bespoke warehouse design

Founded in 2003, QTS are a trade-only company that has been helping businesses and organisations around the world to create efficient, safe and secure material-handling spaces.

As a forward-thinking and innovative company, QTS is always looking for ways to improve the quality of our products and services. The design and projects team work closely to ensure that QTS delivers maximum satisfaction, which is why so many trade companies choose to partner with us.

Our designers come with phenomenal experience and knowledge in warehouse design. Jasmine, who has been with QTS for around a year, has a BA in product design and a postgraduate degree in design management which she has already put to good use at QTS. Jasmine’s skills make her a natural innovator; she is an integral part of new and existing product development. Phil came to us with an extensive background in manufacturing and has naturally taken a role in designing tooling for our manufacturing processes as well as existing in producing drawings for projects.

Here are some examples of bespoke projects we have completed in the past:

  • Double deep easySHELF™ decks that span across 2 bays.
  • Custom-colour powder coating finish.
  • Bespoke storGUARD™ cage to go inside a racking system
  • Mesh decks with thicker wire or additional support bars to support heavy loads.
  • Varieties of mesh apertures for various uses.
  • Point load solutions, including stillages and more Reduced apertures to reduce imprint on heavier boxed goods
  • Overhang and upstanding solutions
  • Unusual depths and widths

Quality manufacturing:

In 2020, QTS strategically decided to consolidate our operations by relocating our offices to the same site as our manufacturing facility. This approach is aligned with our commitment to quality manufacturing, underlined by our adherence to ISO9001 standards.

Combining our offices and manufacturing facility under one roof fosters a cross-departmental collaborative environment, creating a platform for learning and innovation. This integrated approach enables us to take a customer’s unique request, design it, and manufacture it all in one location. This end-to-end process allows us to address any potential issues before the product reaches the client, ensuring the highest level of quality and satisfaction. We can also arrange for sample designs to be produced, allowing our customers to confidently present and finalize projects.

Should you require further information or wish to initiate a project, kindly complete the form provided below, furnishing as much detail as feasible. Our team is at your disposal and prepared to assist with any of your needs.

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